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How can you tell if you need a Private Coach?


If you have found your development stalling, confidence swaying or simply feel a little confused at exactly what you should be focusing on spiritually, these appointments will be beneficial. If you feel you need to improve your skills, then Anne-Marie's private coaching appointments could complete that gap.  You will a full description of each service offered below for a private coaching session. These will always be at a higher price as the investment the coach puts into your sole development.  Instalments to suit your budget are accepted.


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Mediumship INTERMEDIATE's Private 1:1 Mentoring

(via Zoom) - Coaching Appointments 

Group Discussion


A private session with Anne-Marie who will help you improve your Mediumship confidence and learn to attune stronger, discover a brilliant way to turn No's into Yes's, and how to find your recipient easier. You are expected to be at a level of being able to make a contact and understand the difference between Psychic and Spiritual Mediumship.  Learn how to establish a stronger contact - achieve giving better evidence - build confidence - and understand the process of the spiritual collaboration. This is a conversational training, coaching session.


Please note: This is for a private session, tutor with student. The cost will always be higher than group sessions.  However, the benefits is the fast-track improvement you gain by having a private coaching session focusing solely on your specific needs.Your investment ensures you are not learning from someone who has learnt their skills over a weekend at college, or via YouTube. You will gain knowledge and experience Anne-Marie has acquired over the last 10 years to assist you with 'fast-tracking' aspects of your desired goal. She is a certified, qualified Medium and Teacher.

30 mins: This will be a discussion via Zoom or Facebook Call

90 mins: This will be a discussion plus demonstration on shared zoom screen

Once booked an appointment is made within 1-10 days regarding schedule suitability for both

Group Discussion

Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


1.5 hrs

Discussion / Training

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Spirit Portraits 

Learn to Draw with Anne-Marie Bond