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Upcoming Online Workshop

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Experimental two day online workshop to introduce beginners to understanding the fundamentals about Trance and introducing Art in altered states.  Come to both or just the first day!

Suitable for Beginners:

Unsuitable for Intermediate or Advanced levels

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2023:

Day 1 Start 12pm - 6pm UK / Day 2 Start 12pm - 4pm UK

Check your timezone here


Two Tutors: Anne-Marie Bond and Natalie Eden Walker

The Course Overview - 3 Seats Remain

Welcome Friend.


On Saturday 28th and 29th January, for the first time Natalie Eden Walker and myself are merging our knowledge in this two-day course.


An experimental trance art online workshop geared towards providing you with two fun days exploring your ability to move into an altered state.  A great workshop to practice with other like minded people and take away the techniques to use at home alone. Selected students and limited numbers. As this is geared towards beginners, novices those with little or 'some' awareness of Trance, and Art it would be unsuitable for anyone already at an intermediate or advanced level or teaches Trance.

Held on Zoom, students across the world can join and learn a skill or practice the skills they have with other students to learn how trance can heighten their connectivity.

​Interest in Trance

Working in an altered state may give you a better understanding how to surrender your mind for your mediumship or trance communication work. You will be shown how to move your mind into a 'healthy altered state' for the benefits of working more closely with your spiritual guide.

Offered as a two-day workshop held online (via Zoom) with two teachers Anne-Marie Bond and Natalie Eden Walker. Come and discover if Trance and the Art in Altered states is your next step! This specialised workshop is geared to support your understanding of Trance and help you to participate in light altered states to create 'Art' in an inspired way. First steps, baby steps.  

You would do well on our course if your understanding mirrors ours; only one Soul can occupy a human body in its entire lifetime. There are no alien or evil attachments and Trance isn't a technique to learn how to channel ghosts. If you who would love to discover and understand how positive Trance works, and more importantly, how it can have a positive effect on your spiritual work.

We have limited numbers available. Don't miss out! Book now. Invest into your spiritual development.



Remember knowledge is power, what you invest today could be the key IN unlocking a dormant spiritual ability within or reaching the 'surrender' level you want. 


Understanding Trance and Art in Altered States for Beginners, Novices or Refreshers 

Day 1: 

12.00 - 12.30  Meet and Greet Both Tutors / Course Introduction

12.30 - 13.50  Group with Natalie 1

13.50 - 14.00  Comfort Break

14.00 - 15.00  Group with Natalie 2

15.00 - 16.00  Virtual Lunch

16.00 - 17.30  Group with Natalie 3

17.30 - 17.45  Review

17.45 - 18.00  Q/A  + Natalie & Anne Final words


Day 2:

12.00 - 12.10  Welcome / Day 2 Intro

12.10 - 14.10  Group with Anne 1

14.10 - 14.45  Virtual Lunch

14.45 - 15.55  Group with Anne 2

15.55 - 16.00  Comfort Break

16.00 - 16.20  Group with Anne 3

16.20 - 16.30  Q/A >> Notices Tutors Final Words

Times are approx.

We reserve the right to change schedule as needs require without prior notification.


Students' Suitability

You would find this workshop unsuitable if you are already at an 'advanced level or well practiced in trance speaking, and/or teach trance or art' in altered states. Please notes: If you believe in spirit body possession, alien attacks, or Jesus of Nazareth is your main guide or the like, YOU WILL find this workshop unsuitable.

Trance is a beautiful way to learn how to develop the art of surrender, quieting the mind, working closing with a spirit connector to support your spiritual development between the two worlds.

Two experienced tutors offering their knowledge of trance in two different ways.

Day 1: Natalie and Anne

Day 2: Anne and Natalie


Day 1: 12pm UK Start Time ends 6.00pm

Day 2: 12pm UK Start Time ends 4.30pm


Two teachers for the price of 1!

Last Registration: 27th January 2023 ❤️

I look forward to seeing you in class x

Let's help communicate your power by the Art and Communication

UK and NON UK student's welcome


Let's enjoy this time together, learn a little more of staying in the power to help your flow and connection with Spirit.

By paying for your seat we accept you have read and agreed to the disclaimer shown at bottom of this page.

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Contact Us
Use this form 'only' if you need to contact us should you have a question prior to signing up.

Thanks for your custom!



You will receive an email of payment confirmation within the same day.  You will also receive the zoom code and password for the workshop with details on what to bring.  If you haven't already shared this page to friends why not now?

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Ticket for Day One Only - £85.00

Trance Art.png
AMBond flower in vsse paint TRANCE ART.jpg



This is an online workshop where you may attend from home. We ask that should you be on prescribed meditation to balance your wellbeing in any way that you seek permission of your GP (General practitioner /doctor) to attend.

No Aliens:

Please don't' arrive with them! We do not believe in 'evil spirits, body possession' or that kind of nature. You will not be speaking to Aliens neither Jesus in this two day workshop, what happens in your home practices afterwards is down to your personal beliefs.


You will be taken through the steps to understand how  altered states work with regards to Trance and it's branches, for example Art in altered states i.e. automatic writing, or drawing.  This workshop may not suit you if you already obtain the skills of trance speaking, trance art, teaching trance. 

Reasonable Adjustments:

If you need any form of reasonable adjustment that we can facilitate please let Anne-Marie know at least 48 hours prior to the workshop beginning.

Technical issues: We open the doors 15 mins prior to the start of the event. We recommend you sign in early to ensure there are no tech issues your end.

Lunch Break: 

Times of breaks will vary according to the tiimespan of live class.  Lunch times vary between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. You will be told on the day how long your lunch will be for.  Comfort breaks will be included.

Refunds are provided only if a request is received by email within 48 hours of payment and at least 20 days prior to the start of the event.  You may have do a name transfer, but please let Anne-Marie know in advance.  If you are running late, don't sweat, attend when you can.  If you are unable to attend or unable to log-in due to your own Wi-Fi issues we do not offer a refund. 


This workshop may or may not be recorded for the purposes of the training for future events, not to be passed to students on completion. This will be decided by the tutors only on the day.  You are FORBIDDEN to electronically record the session, via your computer or any other recording device/software.

Will this workshop suit you?

Yes absolutely, especially if you are interested in Trance, beginner, novice, or someone with a little more experience but generally interested in practicing your trance art and comfortable to learn at the pace of a beginner this workshop will suit you.

Who Attends?

Any attendees not teaching Trance or Trance art and who do not have extensive practicing in Trance are most welcome. We mention this to avoid you attending with higher expectations that the level going to be trained.  If you are from the UK or a Non-UK resident and interested in developing Trance Art you are welcome.


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