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Spirit Portrait Demonstration Skills

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt

Have you thought about learning how to develop art skills as a Spirit Portrait Artist?


No matter your level, our online school can help you improve your skills and knowledge to support your development in Spirit Art and Mediumship.

The Portrait of Spirit, Online School for Mediumship and Spirit art development was built to facilitate anyone who cannot draw, or needs to improve their Mediumship skills and may want to learn how to combine Mediumship with their Spirit portraits.  Matchstick levels welcome!

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Helping you to become
Your Kind of Spirit Artist Medium

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU
Below Podcast on Spirit Portraits

Spirit Portrait Comparison
Acrylic Painting by AnneMarie Bond
Spirit Portrait Classes

Spirit Portraits are visual representations of people who wish to have their portrait drawn to prove their survival and progression through the doors of physical death.


Spirit Artist's draw faces of the 'so-called living dead'. However, to do a drawing and call it a Spirit portrait isn't that easy. You need to understand and be able to demonstrate to a good level, Mediumship.  The drawing with Mediumship combines together and it's important to understand how the two combines in order to best give a representation of the Spirit Person.

Too often using Social Media, going Live, people may show how they draw and talk of the person they have but yet, may not have any idea about true Mediumship.  Too often people like to showcase to Joe Public but yet, have not harnessed the growth to best represented Spirit and most of the training should be done (behind the screen) not during public offerings.

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Volume 6 Adult Coloring Book Psychic Art Auragraphs.png
Psychic Art Symbolism book
Spiritualist Journal Mediumship Demonstrations
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Through Spiritualism development we learn 'death isn't the end' for our conscious thinking mind, our Spirit.  After the physical transition whether buried or cremated, at the point of the physical body 'death', the Spirit of the Soul which no longer can operate a physical body transcends to the form before originally merging with the union of two people through the makeup of a child being born.


Through birth there is a point of contact where within the womb the Soul begins to identify with the growth of the form of the 'baby' it's at what stage the Soul merges is still up for debate.  Leaving behind the knowledge of where the Spirit has come and all the friends and family to take on this physical life whether just through the pregnancy or beyond to childhood right through to old age, the Soul grows with the body and at the point the body is damaged, hurt, or through natural causes can no longer sustain life, the Soul demerges with the body and returns to its natural form.

There is great celebration on the other side from those that have awaited the return of the Soul that left them many moons ago.

When each of us go through the progression of a rebirth to Spirit 'dying from earthly form', whilst there are traumatic feelings sense of loss from those left behind, the joyus celebration on the other side is outstanding, so a bitter sweet moment for the Spirit, especially of no-goodbyes were had prior to their passing, they too can have a traumatic moment, whilst in wonder that they are still alive, then awakening to the realisation there is no possible return to the human body, to say their last words, put their paperwork in order, or complete a project that only they had the knowledge, can be overwhelming, so themselves will need to be seen by higher Spirit intervention that through a Spiritual hospital and gradually helped in the recognition that 'letting go', is the key to moving forward.

Spirit Portraits for Mediumship

A Spirit Portrait artist alongside their Mediumistic evidence can PROVE acknowledgment that through the transition our loved ones make, they survive their experience we identify as *Death*.
Spirit Artists draw the faces
of the Spirit People on the *Other Side*

Medium Artists depending upon their degree of spiritual development and perception can produce CLEAR, Like-for-Like portraits that leave NO ROOM for DOUBT that combined with Good Mediumistic Evidence can PROVE there is LIFE beyond DEATH, especially if the Medium as never met the recipient nor their communicator!
The Spirit World are yearning for NEW ARTISTS to develop their skills in Art and Mediumship Communication to assist with their mission to prove the LIFE that exists beyond DEATH.

This is WHY if you join TPOS The Portrait of Spirit development group each month you will raise your level of knowledge, standard and drawing skills.  You only have the read the numerous amount of students feedback to see what they say about their experience!

This training is set up for those with little or NO IT skills and those with little or NO drawing experience, or even those with higher level mediumship abilities may join!

By being able to draw a good resemblance of how that person looked can help to create peace of mind and proof of survival not just by the image on paper but supported by the evidential information supplied in Mediumship.
The more skilled a Spirit Portrait artist is; not necessarily in drawing but with a deeper ability to perceive spirit and allowing the spirit to have some control will produce some great results.
Spirit Portrait Man
Spirit Artist Mediums communicate with the discarnate spirit (people we have buried, their spirit of consciousness that resides in a different format of a spiritual non-physical world and live as conscious thinking people, like you and I, but without a physical body. Spirit artists draw their faces, combined with mediumship to provide the information the recipients can receive as their proof of life after their loved ones physical death.
I teach how to draw spirit faces and combine mediumship to support the evidence of the spirit contact. For the past 5 years (online and in the classroom) I have taught students how to become Spirit artists. I welcome those people who can only draw Matchstick men so far, or alien head shape people, you are suited to my level of training and beyond! 
Once a year I run Spirit Art Seminars either once a day or Weekend usually around September and only announced 4 weeks prior.
A medium may take years before becoming fluent in the language of Spirit Communication. Ultimately, the Spirit Communicator brings to us acknowledgement of two things
1) PROOF OF THEIR LIFE after Physical Death
2) THEIR LOVE and care continues beyond the grave
Sketching Materials
in Mediumship and Spirit Art
Suitable for Beginners / Intermidates

the spirit

of portraits

Join the community of people developing Spirit skills with Anne-Marie (DSNUd, CSNUt) TAP.Dip 


Samples of Students Work

Course 1 and Course 2

PREVIOUS FEEDBACK  "All I can say is WOW, Its been a brilliant Taster course, I couldn't draw before and now I have tools to draw like a PRO!"
PREVIOUS FEEDBACK  "Excellent, Amazing Course!"


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Session 3



Session 3

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Session 1

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